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Northstar Link Commuter Bus adds smartcard payment option, Metro Bus & Metro Transit collaborate to improve customer experience

ST. CLOUD — Starting Oct. 12, those who travel on Northstar Link Commuter Bus will be able to pay their fares with the same Go-To fare card used on the Northstar Commuter Rail service and on Metro Transit system in the Twin Cities.go-to_card-new_360x230

A Go-To card looks like a credit card and can be loaded with stored value. Cards can be used on Northstar buses & trains but each service is paid separately. Customers will have to tap the card to the reader each time before boarding a bus or train.

“The Go-To Card is easier to use than digging for cash, and there is comfort in knowing you can register the card for free to protect its stored value if it is lost or stolen,” said Metro Bus Executive Director Ryan Daniel.

“With only one fare card to keep track of between the two services, commuting between St. Cloud and Minneapolis will be even easier,” said Leigh Lenzmeier, Stearns County Commissioner and chair of the Northstar Corridor Development Authority. “And it’s a good example of two transit systems working together to provide the best service possible for the people of Minnesota.”

Metro Bus worked with Metro Transit to bring the Go-To Card payment option to the Northstar Link buses.

“This step in the evolution of the Go To Card and our partnership with Metro Bus is just the latest way in which we have come together, working to ensure that taking transit is the most efficient way of connecting our community as they travel to work, school and to visit all the region has to offer,” said Metro Transit General Manager Brian Lamb.

Pre-loaded $20 Go-To Cards may be purchased at the Metro Bus Transit Center, in downtown St. Cloud. Cards may also be purchased online from Metro Transit, or at any of Metro Transit’s retail outlets in the Twin Cities.

Northstar Link customers may continue to pay their fare using cash, 10-Ride Pass or 31-Day Pass. The Go-To Card is not valid on St. Cloud Metro Bus Fixed Route or Dial-a-Ride services. More information about Northstar Link, Fares and Go-To Cards may be found here.