887, 887T, 887V (effective 6/2/14) Cash or Go-Card 10-Ride Pass 31- Day Pass
St. Cloud to/from Big Lake $2 $17 $70
St. Cloud to/from Becker $1 NA NA
Becker to/from Big Lake $1 NA NA
887F (effective 1/6/12) Cash or Go-Card 10-Ride Pass 31- Day Pass
St. Cloud/Becker/Big Lake/Elk River to/from Minneapolis $5.50 NA NA
Ramsey/Anoka/Coon Rapids to/from Minneapolis $3.25 NA NA
Station-to-Station $3.25 NA NA

Children age 5 and under ride for free (limit 3 children per adult).

Disabled Veterans ride for free.
The disability has to be Service Connected to receive the free ride. It will be identified under the ID” photo.  If a Service Connected veteran needs the assistance of PCA, the PCA rides free.

go-to_card-new_360x230Metro Transit Go-To Cards may be used on Northstar Link!
The Go-To Card is an additional option for you to pay your fare. The value of your fare will be deducted from the stored value on your Go-To Card.  Pre-loaded $20 Go-To Cards may be purchased at the Metro Bus Transit Center in St. Cloud. Go-To Cards are also available Metro Transit retail outlets in the Twin Cities. More information about the Go-To Card here: metrotransit.org/go-to-cards-accepted-on-northstar-link

Fare information for Northstar Commuter Rail Train (Route 888): metrotransit.org/fares#Northstarfares

go-to_card-new_360x230SMARTER FAREBOXES

In September 2021, Northstar Link will introduce new fareboxes, Smart Ride Cards, Smart Ride Tickets and the Smart Ride App for mobile phones. These options offer easy, convenient, cash-free fare-paying options.
Most existing passes will be replaced. With fares not currently being charged due to COVID-19, customers may not have the opportunity to use up current passes. Customers will be able to exchange unused or partially used passes for credit on a new Smart Ride Card.
Learn more about this change here.