887, 887T, 887V (effective 6/2/14) Cash or Go-Card 10-Ride Pass 31- Day Pass
St. Cloud to/from Big Lake $2 $17 $70
St. Cloud to/from Becker $1 NA NA
Becker to/from Big Lake $1 NA NA
887F (effective 1/6/12) Cash or Go-Card 10-Ride Pass 31- Day Pass
St. Cloud/Becker/Big Lake/Elk River to/from Minneapolis $5.50 NA NA
Ramsey/Anoka/Coon Rapids to/from Minneapolis $3.25 NA NA
Station-to-Station $3.25 NA NA

Children age 5 and under ride for free (limit 3 children per adult).

Disabled Veterans ride for free.
The disability has to be Service Connected to receive the free ride. It will be identified under the ID” photo.  If a Service Connected veteran needs the assistance of PCA, the PCA rides free.

go-to_card-new_360x230Metro Transit Go-To Cards may be used on Northstar Link!
The Go-To Card is an additional option for you to pay your fare. The value of your fare will be deducted from the stored value on your Go-To Card. *Pre-loaded $20 Go-To Cards may be purchased at the Metro Bus Transit Center in St. Cloud. Go-To Cards are also available Metro Transit retail outlets in the Twin Cities. More information about the Go-To Card here: metrotransit.org/go-to-cards-accepted-on-northstar-link.

Fare information for Northstar Commuter Rail Train (Route 888): metrotransit.org/fares#Northstarfares

go-to_card-new_360x230SMARTER FAREBOXES

Introducing our new fareboxes, Smart Ride Cards and the Smart Ride App for mobile phones. These options offer easy, convenient, cash-free fare-paying options. Learn more about our new fareboxes here: https://catchthelink.com/smart-ride/