New Metro Bus privacy requirement may impact health care, residential care and social service providers

Northstar Link respects the privacy of our passengers. To protect their privacy, Northstar Link requires written authorization from passengers regarding who may communicate with Northstar Link on the passenger’s behalf. This requirement is effective May 1, 2019, and impacts all passenger communications discussion about issues or concerns.

How to provide authorization: Northstar Link is a service of St. Cloud Metro Bus service. The authorization is provided through the completion of the Metro Bus Passenger Release of Information form. This form  is available for everyone on the Northstar Link website. If the passenger has a legal guardian (Power of Attorney, Conservator, etc.) who is responsible for their well-being, proof of the legal guardianship is required.

Special Note for Caregivers, Health Care providers, Social Workers, Group Homes and Nursing Homes: This requirement impacts staff who set up rides for their patients/residents. In order for staff to talk about any issues with Northstar Link on behalf of the facilities’ clients, the facility or caregiver must be listed on the Passenger Release of Information form signed by the passenger or their legal guardian. Remember, if a legal guardian is authorizing, Northstar Link must have proof of the legal guardianship.

Download the form here: